Best Schools & Catchment Areas in Dulwich

Dulwich is a vibrant area of London, popular with families because of the excellent schools in the area. Many primary and secondary schools in Dulwich have been rated as "outstanding" by Ofsted.

One of the best schools in the area is Dulwich College - an independent school. The Ofsted report stated that "pupils benefit from well-structured, engaging lessons". However, Dulwich has many "outstanding" state primary and secondary schools. So,which are the best ones? And where are the catchment areas if you are considering buying a house in Dulwich? Please read on to find out.

Catchment Areas for Schools in Dulwich

Catchment areas are essential when choosing which school to send your child to, especially in busy areas like Dulwich. Researching the catchment areas helps ensure that your address allows your child to attendthe best schoolin the neighbourhood.

As a general rule, most catchment areas in Dulwich only stretch for a few streets. However, the catchment areas for some schools are not "set in stone." For example, one of the best primary schools in Dulwich is Dulwich Hamlet Junior School. But the school's website says they accept "children who live closest to the school based on a straight distance" measured from the school's reception.

The Best Primary Schools in Dulwich

The top six primary schools in Dulwich with outstanding ratings are the following:

  • Dulwich Hamlet Junior School (SE21) - Located in Dulwich Village, this primary school is one of the most sought-after in the local area.
  • Dulwich Village Church of England Infants' School (SE21) - Set in the heart of the Dulwich Village community, the small primary offers quality education to 270 children.
  • Harris Primary Academy (SE22) - Located on Lordship Lane, nearby streets are Melbourne Grove, Fellbrigg Roada and Landcroft Road.
  • Rosendale Primary School (SE21) - Near Brockwell Park, this primary school in West Dulwich takes pupils from Guernsey Grove, Dalkeith Road and Rosendale Road.
  • Jessop Primary School (SE24) - Located in Herne Hill, this primary school is close to Milkwood Community Park.
  • Elm Wood Primary School (SE27) - Located between the A2199 and West Norwood Cemetry, this West Dulwich primary school ranks among the best in the area.

What makes these six primary schools some of the best in the Dulwich area? All of them have been rated as "outstanding" by Ofsted and offer their pupils a wide range of activities and learning opportunities. Additionally, the primary school pupils showed above-average math, reading and writing abilities. Also, the teachers at the schools clearly understand the well-being needsof families and offer the necessary support.

The Best Secondary Schools in Dulwich

The top five secondary schools in Dulwich with outstanding ratings are the following:

  • Harris Boys' Academy (SE22) - The highly-rated secondary is in East Dulwich on the west side of Peckham Rye Park and Common.
  • Harris Girls' Academy (SE22) - The all-girls secondary school is on the east side of Peckham Rye Park and Common.
  • Charter School East Dulwich (SE22) - This new secondary school is one of the most popular in East Dulwich and is often oversubscribed.
  • Charter School North Dulwich (SE24) - Taking in pupils from North Dulwich and Herne Hill, this highly-rated secondary school is located just north of Dulwich Village.
  • Harris City Academy (SE19) - South of Dulwich is this secondary that also accepts students from Crystal Palace.
  • Kingsdale Foundation School (SE21) - In the heart of Dulwich is the Kingsdale Foundation secondary.

What makes these five secondary schools some of the best in the Dulwich and Herne Hill areas? These schools have a proven track record of delivering outstanding education to their students. Compared to other secondary schools in the neighbourhood, pupils consistently achieve excellent results across eight qualifications. Other grades that result in an "outstanding" rating include English, maths, science, and foreign language attainments. Factors like GCSE results and how the students progress after finishing school also affect the Ofsted rating.

Moving to Dulwich

Before buying or renting a house or flat in Dulwich, it's a good idea to research the best schools in the area. After deciding on the schools of your choice, you can speak to the team at Truepenny's Property Consultants. We can help locate the ideal property in the appropriate Dulwich catchment area.


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